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If you already made a start on being 'Staged' then it should be something that's on your 'to do' list. That's because by the 1st of February 2018 - every UK employer both old and new will be legally required to Automatically Enrol their workers into the workplace pension scheme and to also contribute towards the workplace pension.

Add to this that, all staff need to be assessed for eligibility and then categorised - then you need to make plans to inform your workforce about the workplace pension in writing - and this is just the start!

Unfortunately, you don't have a choice - as the Pensions Regulator will not hesitate in issuing fines to businesses that have not got around to setting up and managing their workplace pensions.

The good news, is that here at Office Payroll Services - we have the combined experience, knowledge and dedicated expertise to take care of the lengthy and often complex burden of Automatic setup, administration plus ongoing management.